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Fence rails post and supplies from Hi-Tech Fencing
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Appalachian Split Rail Fencing Safe Fence Polytape and Hardware Appalachian Split Rail Fence
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Appalachian Split Rail Fencing
Exclusively manufactured with Southern Yellow Pine, Appalachian Split Rail Fencing is proven to be superior both in strength and treatability.

Three rail Split Rail Three rail Split Rail Two rail Split Rail Two rail Split Rail

Safe-Fence Polytape and Hardware
The uncompromised quality and safety minded effectiveness of Safe-Fence make it both an affordable and attractive choice.

Safe Fence System Safe Fence System

Planning & Installation Tips
First plan your layout, then determine the quantity of fence required by marking corners and ends, then measure the distance between.

Consider aesthetic value and security especially where fencing parallels neighbors or roadways. Using three rail fencing across the front of the property helps to enhance the beauty of the property and to provide a safer fence.

Consider the soil condition. Setting posts in the ground for a fence is a job that needs to be done right, otherwise the strength of the entire structure is compromised.

The location, types and number of gates, and the amount of traffic going through an area are all important considerations. Installing metal gates in high traffic areas and in corners makes animal handling easier.

When planning the layout, consider ways to accommodate future growth as well as current needs.

Careful planning of your fence design and advanced preparation is the key to proper installation.

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Split Rail and Safe-Fence Supplies by Hi-Tech-Fencing
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